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Model of Sedimentation and Bed-Load Concentration Patterns in Sanctuary of Porong River of Sidoarjo Post Mudflow

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This paper shows the distribution patterns and the sediment concentrations as well as the models of the sedimentation process to bathymetric profile changes (Bed-changes). This research aims to analyze the hydro-oceanographic conditions in order to make considerations to empower the impacts of Coastal Management Planning of the mudflow in Porong Sidoarjo. The model has been a sediment transport suspension and bed load with tidal parameters and sedimentation data. This model has resulted in the sedimentation distribution, which has been more or less controlled by tidal activity. This model has also resulted in changes to the bathymetry profile for 360 hours, then estimated for the next period of 1, 5, and 10 years for the future. Changes in the seabed rose from 0.50 to 0.87 meters over the next 10 years in the research site. Model errors have been based on the flow velocity in the range of 2.4% to 6.1%.
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Sedimentation; Impact of Mudflow; Porong-Sidoarjo; Coastal Zone Management

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