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Automation System of Railway Level Crossings and SCADA Integration

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The increasing complexity of the industrial automation equipment, through interlocking hardware and software solutions and the dynamics of upgrading facilities for providing the final products or services at competitive costs has led to the need to impose the standards of mandatory requirements for functional safety and risk reduction. Thus a complex system was developed for the production and management of the power supply voltages to ensure both the safety standards and a high degree of adaptation to the specific conditions of supervision and control for railway level crossings and SCADA integration. The data communication between the automatic control system and the SCADA system is achieved through the TCP/IP Modbus protocol and OPC-UA server. The log file of the automation process is recorded into a MySQL database server and in TDMS files. The monitoring of the automatic process through SCADA integration is improved by generating automatic reports and sending e-mails to predefined addresses if the local control unit does not function properly or if the undue presence of vehicles or people is detected in the crossing area when the barriers are lowered.
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Railway Level Crossing; Safety; Automation System; OPC-UA; Database; SCADA; Process Control

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