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Modeling and Identification of Human Heart System

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In this paper, for human heart problems, a mathematical model has been developed. There are more or fewer applications of physical analog with mathematical modeling of the heart, the modeling of heart by electromechanical, state-space. In this paper, the Physical models of the heart can affect the data of real physiological focused on the actual tests present. A new technique for mathematical modeling of heart of human is described as a hydro electromechanical system. The human heart is described focusing on three systems: electrical analysis, hydraulic mechanism, and mechanical variables. In the hydro model based on mechanical developed by using Laplace transforms after converting the mechanical system to an electrical system and simulation are carried out by using Matlab and the results are agreeable with the waveform of the ECG. The components of electrical analysis have been exploited in order to put on the purposes of physiological the human heart. The parameters of the electrical circuit have been transferred from the model of hydraulic mechanism and medical physiological parameters. The results of the model are close to true parameters. The identification of this model is applied with recursive least squares (RLS) in order to compare the mathematical model.
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Modeling of Cardiovascular; Biomedical Systems; Identification; Recursive Least Square; Control

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