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Goal Question Metrics and Its Application to Process Management and Improvement

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Success of an organization entirely depends upon the management and improvement of the processes. There are many methods to evaluate process improvement; one of them is goal question metrics. Goal Question Metric is easy to implement and handle. Moreover, it provides chance to justify goals through questions by involving stakeholder itself. In order to evaluate goals, measurements are performed by targeting related functionalities. Results are obtained quantitatively and help to manage the processes in an efficient way. In addition, it gives opportunity to look at strengths and the weaknesses more clearly, and addresses them in future to manage the process improvement by controlled and effective set of actions. As each defined goal is measured, it is an appropriate strategy to justify it as well as to identify weak process area, if any discrepancies exist in goal accomplishment. It can be successfully applied to manage the processes and improve them by selecting suitable method of measures and analyzing obtained results in order to observe existing trend and planning for future accordingly.
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Goal; Question; Metrics; Process; Improvement; Goal Question Metric Cycle; Goal Question Metric Application; Process Management

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