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Automatic System for Temperature Rise Test in Power Transformers

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The hot spot temperature value is one of the most important parameters governing the operating life of power transformers. This article presents the implementation of an automatic system for the determination of the hot-spot temperature in power transformers in accordance with the international standards. It presents the architecture and the main components of the proposed automatic system, which is modular, reliable and performs the acquisition, processing, transmission, storage of electrical and nonelectrical quantities and determines the parameters of the transformer temperature rise in test benches. In order to avoid the presence of individuals in dangerous areas with high potential around the transformers, wireless technology is used to transfer the quantities acquired from the sensors placed on the power transformer. The proposed system implements the calculation methodology prescribed by the standard, achieves a historical database of the test and also a synthetic automatic report which is sent to predefined email addresses. To achieve the viewing of results remotely while maintaining a high level of data security, software modules are implemented to allow the specialists at remote locations with access rights to connect to a cloud platform. The results obtained for a 200/200/60MVA and OFAF cooled type power transformer are used for the validation of the automatic system.
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Power Transformers; Wireless System; Monitoring; Heating Assessment

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