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Diagnosis of Shaft Misalignment Fault by Piezoelectric Materials to Improve Reliability of Induction Motors

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This paper proposes measures to improve the availability and the efficiency of induction motors in industry via the implementation of control shaft misalignment using a piezoelectric material. For this purpose, motors’ failures, which have been extracted from refurbishing and repair workshops, have been used. By performing a critical study and using Pareto analysis, the most frequent failures that have a purely negative effect on the availability and efficiency of induction motors, such as damaged bearings and windings caused by shaft misalignment, which is a common problem in rotating machinery have been identified. An analysis of the induction motor is conducted in order to investigate the waveform by testing the shaft misalignment. This process is performed using a steel shims kit. The vibration signals during machine operation under different misalignment severities are measured. The fast Fourier transform of the signal is generated using National Instruments packages and Matlab software. The experimental results on a 1.1 kW induction motor are analyzed and presented. This paper also shows how shaft misalignment negatively affects induction motor efficiency. The objectives of this applied research are multi-fold; it aims to diagnose machine vibration by piezoelectric materials, to increase the availability of motors, to reduce stopped time caused by misalignment failure, to minimize power consumption and to reduce maintenance costs by generating significant benefits to the company while protecting the environment.
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Electric Energy; Induction Motor; Motor Failures; Piezoelectric Material; Shaft Misalignment

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