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The Influence of Global Climate Change on the European Aviation

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This paper deals with the impact of the global climate change on the European aviation. The main aim of this article is to point out on the fact, that the global climate is changing, the temperature is gradually warming up and it has a negative impact on the aircraft performance, operational parameters and on the whole European aviation. The main task of this article is to analyze the influence of global climate changes on the selected type of aircraft and to make a conclusion on its affecting the air traffic flow management, environment, regarding the fuel consumption, and consequently the emissions, the delays and the aviation safety. In this article some of the real and simulated examples and facts about the mentioned topic have been introduced. The real examples deal with the actual flight from the airport UUWW (Moscow Vnukovo) to LIRP (Pisa) in various conditions of temperature and flight levels.
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Aircraft Performance Parameters; Air Density; Air Pressure; Aviation; Density Altitude; Ecology and Economy of The Flight; Global Climate Change; Pressure Altitude; Outside Air Temperature

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