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Design and Practical Realization of Dispensing CNC Device

Peter Drgona(1), Rastislav Stefun(2*), Lubos Stefke(3)

(1) Department of mechatronics and electronics, Faculty of electrical engineering, University of Zilina, Slovakia
(2) Department of mechatronics and electronics, Faculty of electrical engineering, University of Zilina, Slovakia
(3) Bel Power Solutions, Slovakia
(*) Corresponding author



This article deals with the design and practical realization of a CNC device designed for the application of viscous materials, such as a thermal conducting paste. Production of switched mode power supplies has growing trend. For their correct operation produced heat must be dissipated. Thermal conducting paste is used for better heat dissipating but its application on surface can be an issue. Designed CNC device serves for easier and more accurate application in production process using standard tubes.
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Ball Screw; CNC Control; CNC Design; Stepper Motor

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