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Automating a Reverse Osmosis Process to Improve Its Output Yield

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This paper presents the design of an automated system to drive a laboratory scale reverse osmosis (RO) unit that was previously manually operated. The automation was implemented using Centum VP (Vigilant Plant) Yokogawa Distributed Control System (DCS). Due to the complexity of the system, all appropriate interfaces as well as driving software subroutines were designed and implemented.  Flow meters were designed to measure the input and output flows. The RO control system restored the permeate flow rate to the set value by means of adjusting the opening of the valve. To keep the process operating safely within the constraints, two Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) tuning methods were implemented, Heuristic-based and Ziegler-Nichols where it was found that the heuristic-based controller provided slightly better performance
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Reverse Osmosis; Water Desalination; DCS; Centum VP

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