Fed an Induction Motor Drive Using an Advanced Current Source Inverter

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The thyristor-based current source inverter (CSI) fed ac machine drives are often employed in high power applications. However, the thyristor-based CSI has intrinsic drawbacks because the thyristors cannot be turned off by the gating signals. Therefore, external circuits are required to turn the thyristors off by using reverse-biased voltages, as well as transfer reactive energies of inductive loads after turning off the thyristors. This paper presents a hysteresis modulated CSI drive which overcomes all these drawbacks and results in sinusoidal motor voltage and current even with CSI switching at fundamental frequency. The proposed CSI drive uses a voltage source inverter as an auxiliary circuit replacing the bulky ac capacitors used in the conventional drive. Then an indirect field oriented controlled CSI drive based on proposed configuration is developed. The simulation results are presented. Simulation results show that the proposed drive has stable operation even at low speeds
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Commutation; Current-Source Inverter (CSI); Hysteresis Modulation (HM); Space Vector Control; Supervision Real-Codec Genetic Algorithm (RCGA); Voltage-Source Inverter (VSI)

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