Bond Graph Modelling of a UV Water Disinfection Pilot Unit Fed by a Photovoltaic Source

N. Zitouni(1*), R. Andoulsi(2), A. Sellami(3), R. Mhiri(4)

(1) Laboratoire photovoltaïque et semi-conducteur au CRTEn, BP 95 Hammam lif 2050, Tunisia
(2) Laboratoire photovoltaïque et semi-conducteur au CRTEn, BP 95 Hammam lif 2050, Tunisia
(3) Laboratoire photovoltaïque et semi-conducteur au CRTEn, BP 95 Hammam lif 2050, Tunisia
(4) Unité de Recherche RME- Groupe AIA à l’INSAT, Tunisia
(*) Corresponding author

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This paper presents a Bond Graph (BG) modelling of ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection pilot unit fed by a photovoltaic source. This unit is intended to be mainly used in rural zones where the water availability is often rare. The use of the photovoltaic modules as source of energy is an adequate solution considering the dispersion of the sites. However, the sunning variation during the day poses the problem of energy storage. For that, we used electrochemical batteries which present the best solution by their good adaptation to photovoltaic source. The ultraviolet irradiations are used to solve the bacteriological problem of the drinking water quality. A gas-discharge lamp is used to produce this type of radiation. A centrifugal motor-driven pump ensures the circulation of treated water between the two tanks (input and output) through UV lamp. The pilot unit presents a complex model because of his hybrid components. For that we used the bond graph methodology to present the B.G models of the various unit elements and a global model for simulation is carried out.
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Bond-Graph; Photovoltaic; UV Water Disinfection; Battery Storage; Modelling and Simulations

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