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PC Based Wireless Monitoring and Control of Fire Detection and Extinguishing System

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Fire disaster is at present causing huge economic loss as well as tragedy of human death in a frequent manner. PC based wireless monitoring and control of fire detection and extinguishing system will provide real time monitoring and protection from fire to a great extent. In this paper, a pc based cost effective wireless monitoring and control of fire detection and extinguishing system has been designed and developed. The system is able to activate alarm and generate short message service (SMS) using GSM modem when fire is detected and also able to control the fire by unleashing the fire extinguisher (foam and water). It is made up of two sensors, computer interfacing board, system software and both gas and water extinguishers. The sensors have been integrated along with the transmitter to form a single unit using PCB design. The system has also a remote receiving unit to receive fire detection signal transmitted from the sensor through the transmitter unit. The receiver unit is connected to a PC through USB port. This signal is processed by LabVIEW software of National Instruments, USA, and also generate control signals to activate fire extinguishers and generate SMS to transmit through GSM modem which is connected to PC through USB port. The present system controls the whole process using a Virtual instrument developed in LabVIEW which provides a user friendly front panel on the PC screen that one can easily understand and operate. This kind of system is very cheap and flexible for any modification.
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LabVIEW; Fire Extinguisher; SMS; GSM Modem; Sensors; RF Module

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