Modelling of the Local Thermal and Hydrodynamic Exchanges in the Boundary Layer Over a Paraboloidal Pond of Retention Filled with Water in Forced Convection

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In this work, the author modeled the simultaneous transfers of heat and mass in a paraboloidal pond of retention filled with water and in a layer of fluid over the pond in unsteady regime; the interface of the pond is traveled by a forced hot air. In the water, he used the formalism vorticity-stream function to return linear and more moldable quasi-numerically the transfers equation. To solve the equations in the air which is constituted by a mixture dry air and of steam, the hypotheses of the thermal, mass and dynamic laminar limit layers are adopted. The dimensionless equations are resolved by means of the implicit and semi methods implicit method. In this work the author analyzed the regime establishment and the influence of the Reynolds number on the local values. The obtained results are calculated for numbers of Reynolds varying from 10 to 400.
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Evaporation; Heat and Mass Transfers; Boundary Layer; Ponds of Retention

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