Analysis of the Nigerian 330 kV Electric Power Network Using an Extended Heffron-Phillips Model Technique

Michael O. Omoigui(1*), Olorunfemi Ojo(2)

(1) Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
(2) Tennessee Technological University, United States
(*) Corresponding author

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Research on the dynamics of electric power systems are generally focused on inter-connected systems and little attention has been given to understand the unique characteristics of longitudinal power systems which are very common in developing countries of the world especially in Africa and South America. This paper therefore investigates the dynamics of the longitudinal Nigerian power system with the use of an extended Heffron-Phillips Model technique to provide insights into possible small and large signal dynamic trends.  Based on the small signal analysis, the reduced model of the Nigerian power system provides a clear and practical basis for examination of the causes of small-disturbance instability phenomena. Investigation shows that critical eigenvalues which corresponds to oscillatory modes of 1.05 Hz, 1.14 Hz and 1.16 Hz for 80% load; 0.99 Hz, 1.40 Hz and 1.10 Hz for 90% load; and 0.93 Hz, 1.72 Hz and 1.025 Hz for 100% load; and 0.533 Hz, 2.38 Hz and 0.66 Hz for 110% load respectively. These are undamped natural oscillation frequencies corresponding to rotor angle modes of the machines in the network. They suggest the possible use of FACTS devices to stiffen longitudinal power systems to improve both the dynamic and transient stability of the system to which such systems are susceptible to.
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Modeling; Dynamic Stability; Power Balances; Longitudinal Network; Eigenvalues

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