Conception, Design and Implementation of Secured UAV Combining Multi-Agent Systems and Ubiquitous Lightweight IDPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention System)

Khalid Boukhdir(1*), A. Boualam(2), S. Tallal(3), H. Medromi(4), S. Benhadou(5)

(1) System Architecture Team of the ENSEM School, Morocco
(2) Laboratory of EAS ENSEM, Morocco
(3) ENSEM, LISER Laboratory, Morocco
(4) System architecture team, ENSEM Hassan II University, Morocco
(5) ENSEM Hassan II University, Morocco
(*) Corresponding author

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Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, are a relatively recent area of research and in full effervescence with more and more amateur and academic projects. Initially associated to the military, these vehicles are way to be used in many other areas. In effect, demand is growing for various applications within of this type of technology. Inspection of buildings, search and rescue of missing or in distress people are some examples. This research paper highlights a lightweight IDPS with the objective to secure UAVs. Our IDPS uses real-time architecture, based on the multi-agent aspect and consisting of two levels of analysis (pre-filtering and full analysis) and is more suited to be embedded in low computation resources devices in general and especially UAVs.
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UAV Security; Intrusion and Prevention Systems; Multi-Agent Systems

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