Description of the Profile of Temperature in an Indirect Solar Dryer: Application in the Drying of the “Niebe”

Mamadou Seck Gueye(1*), Omar Ngor Thiam(2), Samba Dia(3), Joseph Sarr(4)

(1) Dakar University, Senegal
(2) Dakar University, Senegal
(3) Dakar University, Senegal
(4) Dakar University, Senegal
(*) Corresponding author

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The aim of our study is to describe the distribution of air temperature and its effect upon a product to dry (e.g cowpeas), processing in the drying cabin. Indeed, the selected dryer operates in indirect mode. It is like an adiabatic cupboard in a vertical position with shelves that play a role of grid supporting the products to be dried. Thus, we have described a mathematical model which describes the simulation of the thermal variations in the drying room and the drying product itself by setting the temperature and the air rate entering the dryer. This model takes into account the character of the transfer air-product globally. The resulting equations are rescaled before being solved by the method of finite differences.

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Forced Convection; Solar Energy; Indirect Drying; Dimensionless Equations; Finite Difference

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