Model Based Accelerated Ageing Study of Power Transformer Using UV Spectrophotometer

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Power transformers are interface between different voltage levels of essential importance. Because of the long manufacturing processes, transformers are one of the most critical and expensive equipment and so this is one of the reasons why condition monitoring becomes more popular. Monitoring systems as basis for diagnostics open the possibility for expanding the operating time, reducing the risk of expensive failures and allows several maintenance strategies. With different monitoring techniques, detailed information about the transformer condition can be received and helps to minimize the probability of an unexpected outage. In this paper an accelerated study of an oil immersed high voltage coil is carried out using UV-Spectrometry technique under electrical stress i.e. voltage stress & loading beyond current carrying capacity of the model/ test cell under consideration. The results of the study indicate the possibility of assessing the condition of the transformer insulation using UV spectrophotometer
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UV-Ultra Violate; T-Transmittance; Λ-Wavelength; Ε-Extinction Coefficient Of The Substance; I- Light Energy Transmitted Through The Sample; C- Molar Concentration Of The Solution; ATotal(λ)- Absorbance

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