Real Time Implementation of Fuzzy Adaptive PI Speed Control on Sugar Centrifugal Drive

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Sugar centrifugal is used in centrifugation process and which will determine the produced sugar quality. The function of centrifuge machine is to separate massecuites become to sugar crystal and molasses which uses principles of centrifugal force which drived by rotation of motor. Sugar centrifugal consists of induction motor as a driver and chamber as processing basket. Induction motor has non-linear characterictic to change by load. The Load change in centrifugal is very large because depends on flow of massecuite and sugarcane quality to be processed. Therefore it needed speed control to maintain speed which suitable to speed required. This paper will be described fuzzy adaptive PI speed control for induction motor to drive the sugar centrifugal machine. The proposed controller is comparation of PI controller without load, loaded and change in reference speed condition. Experimental results shows that the proposed fuzzy adaptive PI have better performance of dynamic responses than PI controller
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Centrifugal; Fuzzy Adaptive PI; Speed Control; Induction Motor

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