GA and RL Based PSS of a Multi-Machine System - A Case Study with Kerala Grid

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Stability is a very important aspect in electric power system. There are many factors which affect the power system stability. One of the main problems that lead to instability in a power system is the low frequency oscillation caused by swinging generator rotor. These oscillations will lead to loss of synchronism; limit the power transfer capability and also lead to the islanding of inter connected power system. So in order to damp out these oscillations, power system stabilizer (PSS) are commonly used. A power system stabilizer is a device which provide stabilizing signal to damp out these oscillations. The most commonly used power system stabilizer is the conventional power system stabilizer, which is designed by using frequency domain techniques and it uses a lead-lag network in its design. This paper focus on the design of PSS for a Single Machine connected to Infinite Bus system(SMIB), Multi-machine power system and a real time 220 kV interconnected Kerala power system is also taken. For optimizing the gain of PSS, Genetic algorithm and Reinforcement learning techniques are used, both are two important optimization techniques in the
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Power System Stabilizer; Reinforcement Learning; Genetic Algorithm; SMIB; MATLAB; Multi-Machine Power System; 220 kV Kerala Power System

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