Design of a Multi-Code Wide Band Encoder-Decoder System

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In this paper, a new design of multi-code line encoder / decoder (CODEC) is presented. A single circuit encodes and decodes data in four different formats: differential Manchester, bi-phase-mark, bi-phase-space and inverse differential Manchester. The CODEC is insensitive to clock frequency variations. Once the encoder is fixed to work at the highest frequency of operation of the IC technology used, it can operate at any lower frequency. Meanwhile, the decoder is insensitive to clock frequency variations within ± 33% range. SPICE simulation and hardware implementation utilizing TTL I.C.'s showed that the data could be encoded / decoded using any one of the codes presented in this paper.  Due to its simple design it possible to implement the whole CODEC in the integrated format.
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Line Codes; Encoder; Decoder; Differential Manchester Code; Inverse Differential Manchester Code; Biphase Mark; Biphase Space

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