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Semi-Active Cabin Suspension of Agricultural Vehicles Using ER Mounts

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Investigations in recent years show that uncomfortable agricultural vehicles seat can be a threat for the health of their operators. In fact, the transmitted vibration to the driver, caused by the motion of vehicle and unevenness of the road, is the main source of this problem. In order to reduce these fluctuations, an active cabin suspension based on four ER (Electro-rheological) mounts is presented in this study. ER fluids are a class of smart materials which some of their rheological properties, such as viscosity and shear modulus, changes under the influence of an applied electric field. In order to improve the reliability and efficiency of the suspension system a combination of viscous dampers and ER dampers is also investigated. The results presented herein indicated that a considerable reduction in transmitted vibration can be achieved using proper ER mount and closed loop control system.
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ER Fluid; ER damper; Vibration control; Cabin suspension

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