Virtual Improvement of Angular Resolution of a Tomographic Acquisition System

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This paper suggests an algorithm that improves the tomographic reconstruction quality of a parallel acquisition geometry through a virtual, yet substantial increase in the angular resolution of the measuring physical device responsible for acquiring the set of projections either by X-rays attenuation, as in the case of CT scanners, or by counting gamma photon as in  tomographic mode of a gamma camera with a rotating flat panel detector. The suggested method is based on an estimated calculation of a virtual projection using the zero-padding. The results show a significant reduction of the star effect noise on the reconstructed image. Our algorithm was experimented with a R×R (R number of pixels in row and column) value phantom simulating the human body while the programming is carried out in MATLAB 6.5.
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Filtered Back Projection; Computed Tomography; Zero Padding; Radon Projection Estimations

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