Comparative Study on Automatic Plant Watering System

E. A. R. Engku Ariff(1*), R. Hamidon(2), S. Zakaria(3), S. Hussain(4), N. Aziz(5)

(1) Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia
(2) Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia
(3) Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia
(4) Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia
(5) Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia
(*) Corresponding author

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An automatic plant watering system has been designed and developed in order to supply a sufficient amount of water to a plant. Most of the pot plants need to be watered more often rather than ground plant. The amount of water should not be excessive which it can harm the plant and affect plant’s growth. Therefore, an automatic watering system was developed in order to water the plant using appropriate amount of water unlike manual watering. The amount of water consumed per irrigation has been measured and compare between theoretical water consumption for manual watering where the whole volume of soil is moisten and the theoretical water consumption for automatic watering where only specific location of the soil is moisten
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Automatic; Irrigation; Water Consumption

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