Incidence of Some WAMS Communication Network Effects on Real-Time Tracking of Low Frequency Oscillations

L. P. Di Noia(1*), D. Lauria(2), C. Pisani(3)

(1) Electrical Department of University of Naples ‘Federico II, Italy
(2) Electrical Department of University of Naples ‘Federico II, Italy
(3) Electrical Department of University of Naples ‘Federico II, Italy
(*) Corresponding author

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In modern interconnected power systems low frequency oscillations tracking represents a challenging task of a dynamic security assessment for a transmission system operator. A valid help in accomplishing this, can be furnished by the recent deployment on large scale of wide area monitoring (measurement) and control systems WAMS/WACS. In this architectures there are some communication network effetcs which stongly influence the performance of the major identification algorithms adopted in the centre control centres such as noise, network-induced delays, data packet disordering and especially data packet dropouts. In light with the needs just mentioned, the paper carries out a theoretical analysis on the behavior of Tufts-Kumaresan method with respect to the presence of data packet dropouts in the WAMS/WACS signals. Some qualitative considerations about the minimum and maximum singular values distribution are presented with the aim of demonstrating that the data packet dropouts yield an unstable method behavior through and through analogous to which pointed out by Tufts and his coworkers with respect to the noise issue. The final part of the work deals with a numerical application in WAMS/WACS context which assesses the estimation accuracy of the Tufts Kumaresan method with respect to the data packet dropouts employing several packet dropouts management tecniques
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Low Frequency Oscillations; Tracking; Tufts-Kumaresan; Prony; WAMS; WACS

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