Identification of Partial Discharge Patterns in Switchgear Based on Logistic Model Tree

Yingshuai Hao(1*), Zhihong Chen(2), Wendong Zheng(3), Chengjun Huang(4)

(1) Jiaotong University, China
(2) Jiaotong University, China
(3) Jiaotong University, China
(4) Jiaotong University, China
(*) Corresponding author

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This research aims to introduce an effective approach in classifying different defects generating partial discharge (PD) in switchgear. The attribute selection of transient earth voltage signal is discussed to obtain the best identification markers. The development of classifier system based on logistic model tree is presented. Finally, the approach is made comparison with several common classifier algorithms and demonstrates its high accuracy in the identification
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Partial Discharge; Logistic Model Tree; Transient Earth Voltage; Pattern Recognition

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