Vol 14, No 8 (2020)

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Experimental study on The Effect of Impingement Angles and velocities on Erosion-corrosion Behavior of API 5L-X42 Carbon Steel in Eroded Flow Medium
Loay Mustafa Aboud, Aly Hassan Elbatran, Ahmed Mehanna, Mohamed Shehadeh

Mathematical Simulation of Forest Fuel Element at The Crown Forest Fire Impact Taking Into Account Multiphase Reactive Media Mechanics Fundamentals
Nikolay Viktorovich Baranovskiy, Viktoriya Andreevna Kirienko

Path Tracking Simulation of a Wheeled Mobile Robot with Three Mecanum Wheels
Hassan Mohammed Alwan

Effect of Elevated Temperature on Harmonic Interlaminar Shear Stress in Graphite/Epoxy FRP Simply Supported Laminated Thin Plate Using Finite Element Modeling
Fadi Alfaqs, Jamil Haddad, Sayel Fayyad, Yevhenii Koroviaka, Valerii Rastsvietaiev, Abdel Salam Y. Alsabagh

Computational Study of Corrosion in Steel in Aqueous Solution: A Review
Noor Mirza Syamimi Mortadha, S. Salleh, W. M. F. W. Mohamad

Modeling and Computational Simulation of Cable Pulling Winch Machine
Kesar Mal Kothari, Udayakumar Rajamanickam, Ram Karthikeyan, Vishweshwar Samba

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