Vol 11, No 5 (2017)

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Table of Contents

Special Issue on "Advances in Modern Mechanical Engineering Research"

Guest Editorial Board

Alexander N. Evgrafov, Olga V. Egorova

Centrifuges for Variable Accelerations Generation
Alexander N. Evgrafov, Vladimir I Karazin, Denis P. Kozlikin, Igor O. Khlebosolov

Research on biological locomotion with usage of modern digital strobelight photographic technique
Andrei Yurievich Vukolov, Olga Vladimirovna Egorova

Road Tanker Design and Dynamic Response Simulation
Thomas G. Chondros

About increasing wear resistance of rock-breaking tool to abrasion by using mechanical and thermomechanical treatment
Victor Bolobov, Stanislav Chupin, Vladimir Bochkov

Anti-friction composition as a means to restore worn engine performance
Alexander Shabanov, Yury Galyshev, Anatolii Sidorov

Mathematical Model of 3-P wheel-legged mobile robotic platform
Andrei Yurievich Vukolov, Anton Vadimovich Antonov, Sergei Anatolyevich Vorotnikov, Georgy Vyacheslavovich Shashurin, Denis Vladimirovich Saschenko

Influence of Heat Treatment on the Machinability of α+β- and near β-Titanium Alloys
Yuliia B. Egorova, Liudmila V. Davydenko, Evgeniy N. Egorov, Svetlana B. Belova

Influence of flections’ radius to local rigidity of box-shaped beams
Alexander Vladimirovich Naumov, Konstantin Pavlovich Manzhula

Mechanics of Loading and Deforming of Thin-Sheet Blank at Electro-Hydraulic Forming
Viacheslav Mamutov, Gennady Zdor

The architecture of the control system for the mobile process robot with walking movers
Vladimir Nikolaevich Skakunov, Victor Victorovich Zhoga, Victor Alexandrovich Belikov, Stanislav Evgenievich Terekhov

On the Possibility of Producing Defect-Free Welds under Acoustic Emission Monitoring
Victor Petrovich Gomera, Evgeny Nefedyev, Anatoly Smirnov

Application of the Theory of Contact Elastic Deformations for Assessing the Risk of Destruction of Turbine Blades as a Result of High-Speed Impact by Steam Particles
Nikolay Aleksandrovich Krylov, Margarita Alexandrovna Skotnikova, Vladimir Vasilevich Eliseev, Artem Anatolevich Moskalets

Solution of optimization problems using duality method
Alexander Sukhanov

Methods for evaluation structural anisotropy of asphalt
Andrei Vladimirovich Boitsev, Alexander Andreevich Shestopalov

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