Vol 12, No 2 (2017)

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Straightforward Detection Method for High-Impedance Faults
Hannu Jaakko Johannes Laaksonen, Petri Hovila

Modeling and robust control with wind speed estimation by Artificial Neural Networks of a DFIG wind turbine under both normal operation and grid fault
Anass Bakouri, Hassane Mahmoudi, Ahmed Abbou

Analysis and Comparison of Control Strategies for a DFIG-Small Wind Turbine System with High Fluctuating Wind Speed Conditions
Iwan Setiawan, Mochammad Facta, Ardyono Priyadi, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo

An Approach on Non-Discriminatory Losses Charge Allocation for Deregulated Power Market Using Meta-Heuristic-Optimization-Based-Electricity-Tracing (MOET)

An Investigation on the Impact of FD Modelling of The Grounding System on Arrester Energy
Navid Bayati, Seyyed Hossein Hosseinian, Hessam Sadeghi, Peyman Karimyan

A Hybrid Method for Distribution Substation Reliability Evaluation
Hemakumar Reddy Galiveeti, Arup Kumar Goswami, Nalin B Dev Choudhury

Behavior of Energy Dispatch and Line Rating respect to Environmental Variables
Javier Rosero Garcia, Julio Chinchilla

Alternative of Bridge-Based Circuits for Differential Resistive Sensors
Tipparat Junsing, Amphawan Julsereewong

Comparative Apodized Surfaces Acoustics Waves Filters applied to IF TV Filter
Radia Adda Neggaz, Abderrahmane Belghoraf, Mohammed Meziane

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