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Integration Electronic Patients’ Records with Open Life Sciences Datasets Using Semantic Web Tools

Bassam Najeeb(1*), Bassel Al Khatib(2)

(1) aculty of Information Technology Engineering, Damascus University, Syrian Arab Republic
(2) Faculty of Information Technology Engineering, Damascus University and the Faculty of Informatics and Communication Engineering, Syrian Arab Republic
(*) Corresponding author



Semantic Web and its related technologies such as linked data, provide a powerful infrastructure for integrating and publishing heterogeneous data as a Resource Description Framework (RDF). In particular, Linked Open Data (LOD) community project from the Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has published many life sciences open datasets such as drugs, genes, pathways, proteins and diseases. This is a powerful platform for life sciences, and we will obtain more benefits if we link it with real patient records from standardized Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR). In this paper, we present our approach to applying linked data principles for representing electronic patients’ records. Particularly, we focus on Malaria patient records, and link it to various LOD ontologies, in order to enable clinicians and researchers to make federated queries. Finally, we present opportunities and challenges for our approach.
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Electronic Health Record (EHR); Linked Open Data (LOD); Resource Description Framework (RDF); Semantic Web

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