Vol 8, No 4 (2017)

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Mechanical Properties of Concrete Using Coal Waste (Heap) As Partial Replacements of Fine Aggregate In Hot Weather

Information support for automation systems for the organization of construction
Natalya Viktorovna Knyazeva

Development and Mathematical Simulation of an Orbital-type Actuator of a Tunneling Machine
Yuriy N Kamanin, Leonid S Ushakov, Anton V Panichkin, Ruslan A Redelin

Dynamic shakedown sensitivity analysis by means of a probabilistic approach
Pietro Tabbuso

The effect of Cement Substitution by Two Mineral Admixture on the Sustainability of concrete at Curing Temperature
Ilham Aguida Bella

Towards an Economical Local Eco-material in Sustainable Concrete
RIKIOUI Tayeb, Labaili Soltane, Tafraoui Ahmed, Mekkaoui Abderrahmane

Study of bamboo physical properties and its application as reinforcement in adobe structures
David Bonilla, Gabriel Merino, Diego Sosa

Slope Stability Analysis with Interaction of Frictional Contact
Hosni Abderrahmane Taleb, Abdelmadjid Berga

Evaluation of seismic vulnerability of existing reinforced concrete structure by non-iterative spectral method using Pushover analysis with interpretation of fragility curves by RISK UE
kamal gueraoui

Numerical and mathematical modeling Of an unsteady heat transfer within a spherical cavity: Applications Laser in medicine
kamal gueraoui

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