Mechanical Properties of Concrete Using Coal Waste (Heap) As Partial Replacements of Fine Aggregate In Hot Weather

Maamar MILOUDI(1*)

(1) Faculty of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering, University Tahri Mohammed Bechar, Algeria
(*) Corresponding author

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This study was carried out to investigate the effects of temperature and coal waste (heap) addition on concrete strength under simulated hot weather conditions. The study consists of comparing the properties of a reference concrete with concretes incorporating aggregate of coal waste (heap) at seven levels of heap as content (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 percent fine aggregate replacement) and two levels of temperature (25 and 50°C). The simulation of the hot climate in the laboratory is subjected to temperature 50°C with relative humidity of about 10%, wind speed at 10km/h and E/C ratio constant between all mixtures. The results revealed that coal waste (heap) inclusion was more effective can be used for enhancement of properties of concrete. The optimum heap as content varied between 1 to 4 percent. However, the resistance at higher temperatures was positively affected by inclusion of coal waste.
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Hot-weather concreting; coal waste (heap); environment; compressive strength and flexural strength


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