Towards an Economical Local Eco-material in Sustainable Concrete

RIKIOUI Tayeb(1*), Labaili Soltane(2), Tafraoui Ahmed(3), Mekkaoui Abderrahmane(4)

(1) University Tahri Mohamed Bechar, Algeria
(2) University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algeria
(3) University of Tahri Mohamed Bechar, Algeria
(4) University of Tahri Mohamed Bechar,
(*) Corresponding author

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The Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM) are finely ground solid materials that are used to replace part of the cement in a concrete mixture. The objective of this article is the study of the ecological effect of Algerian metakaolin (SCM) after its contribution to the improvement of concrete performances by cement substitution of 10% by mass. This metakaolin during its production by a low temperature releases only from the vapor of water compared to cement which requires a strong heat and has a harmful effect on the environment. To develop this metakaolin in the concrete a comparative study with a concrete of reference is the subject of the tests of performances (resistance and durability). The tests on the concretes interest the compressive Strength, autogenous shrinkage, resistance to the sulphated middle and the resistance in high temperatures whose results are satisfactory for the concrete with the metakaolin.
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Metakaolin; Cement; Ecological; CO2 gas, Economy, Durability


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