The effect of Cement Substitution by Two Mineral Admixture on the Sustainability of concrete at Curing Temperature

Ilham Aguida Bella(1*)

(1) Civil engineer department, Tahri Mouhammed University, Algeria
(*) Corresponding author

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Now days, the concrete become the most consumed material ever used, the concrete is a heterogeneous and composite material, where the name heterogeneity come from the large difference between its compressive and tensile behavior, where the name composite come from the constitution of concrete. Generally the concrete is composed by cement the binder element of concrete and the aggregate which represent the granular structure. Actually, more constitutions are injected in the concrete composition like mineral and chemical admixture. The principal purpose of the introduction more than more mineral admixture is to minimise the cost and make a sustainable concrete, principally if this addition is originally a waste. The main aspects which guide this study is the current tendency to make concrete based on a very abundant material, which are crushed limestone aggregates. The desired objective of this study is the use of local materials mainly SCM (sustainable concrete materials) in our case crushed limestone. Our SCM, is the result of crushed manufactory, contain 40 % of fine limestone used as mineral admixture. This study focus on the benefit of the use of limestone filler and limestone crushed aggregate mainly for environmental aspect. The results obtained in this study summarize up the importance of the curing temperature during development of the mechanical characteristics and the benefit of limestone on the reduction of transport phenomena of concrete.
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Curing temperature; Limestone; Concrete; Substitution; crushed aggregate


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