On-Line Arabic Characters Recognition using Enhanced Time Delay Neural Networks

Redouane TLEMSANI(1*), Samir BENBAKRETI(2), Abdelkader BENYETTOU(3)

(1) National Institute of Telecommunication and ICT Oran, Algeria
(2) National Institute of Telecommunication and ICT Oran, Algeria
(3) University of Sciences and Technologies Mohamed Boudiaf, Oran, Algeria
(*) Corresponding author

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This paper concerns with the online recognition of isolated hand writing Arabic characters, through, the interpretation of a script presented by a pen trajectory.  This technique was generally used in the electronic organizers of Personal Digital Assistant type. First of all, we have built a data base with several scripters using a graphic tablet which will be used in our application. In order to have a precise recognition of the isolated characters, it is important to model their structure the most correctly possible. In this work we present the study, the implementation and the result of the test of a particular neural network which is the Time Delay Neural Networks.  We have followed a two steps approach, in the first one, the character characteristics are extracted, and in the second one, a temporal multi-layered perception is developed for a future classification. Our temporal approach with the adaptive topology, responds to the nature of the Arabic script during the acquisition phase while the use of different learning algorithms can minimize the cost function and improve recognition rates. The parameterization of these two parts will allow us to analyze the impact of the neural network topology on the results of character recognition rates.
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Arabic characters; on-line recognition, convolution neural network;Time Delay Neural Networks


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